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Batteries included full-stack configuration

Get started
npx dmno init

Type-safe env vars

DMNO auto-generates powerful types for your config schema with amazing documentation built right in.

Validate & coerce

Clean and check your config at every step of the way. Our built-in types cover 95% of use cases. Easily add custom validation logic on top.

Monorepo native

DMNO is the only config tool that treats monorepos as a first class concept. Each service can "pick" items from the root or other services.

Live reload

Our dev mode reloads your schema and restarts your code whenever anything changes. And it's FAST because it's powered by Vite.

Keep your secrets safe

DMNO prevents you from accidentally leaking any secrets, and helps you sync with teammates without sending .env files over slack.

Holistic configuration toolkit

Includes everything you need to manage config - no need to wire together 5 different tools or spend weeks integrating an external service

Drop-in integrations for your favorite frameworks & tools

Use something else? 💪 Join us on discord and help us build the next one!